Unlimited Hosting and PDF Downloads

We host your PDFs on our state-of-the-art, 100% secured servers - including ALL PDFs rebranded by your customers and affiliates. 

This allows your PDFs to go viral faster because your affiliates get a hosted link to their rebranded PDF - ready to share instantly!


Easy To Use Interface

Intuitive web based interface carefully designed for ease of use - perfect if you're the "non-techie" type.

Makes uploading, organizing and managing your PDFs a breeze - saving you time!

PDF to PDF Rebranding  ( Not HTML to PDF )

Create your content using your favorite word processor like Open Office or Word - export to PDF and upload.  That's it!

And forget about formatting nightmares you get with other rebranders - your PDFs will look awesome!


Rebrand Unlimited Links  ( Text COMING soon! )

You can include rebrandable links for as many products as you want in a single PDF.  Great for promoting multiple affiliate products or your own.

Here's a tip... why not create viral reports that review and pre-sell ClickBank products and charge people for "Branding Rights?"  Yes, you can do that!

Get Free Money!

You will never miss a commission or annoy readers due to broken links.  If someone rebrands your PDF without entering their affiliate ID, it automatically defaults to yours.

I've made a lot of money having this "catch all" in place and I hope you do too.


Customize Your Rebrander Pages

Each of your PDFs gets a unique rebrander page. ( Your customers and affiliates rebrand your PDF from this page. )

Using the built-in WYSIWYG editor, you can customize the style of each page individually with text, graphics or video - giving you 100% creative freedom!

Copy-n-Paste Website Integration

Copy and paste this code directly into your webpage or blog and it seamlessly blends your rebrander page into your site - preserving its exact look and feel.

No one will even know you are using Viral PDF Generator!



Go Viral FASTER with 1-Click Sharing!

Immediately after someone rebrands your PDF, they will be prompted to share it with their friends and followers on popular social network sites.

Hot Tip: Turbo charge the viral spreading of your PDF by including a "Share This Report" link inside!

Automatic PDF Email Delivery

A few seconds after someone rebrands your PDF, the system automatically sends an email from YOU with the hosted link to their newly branded PDF. 

Your user's email address is NOT added to any mailing list or stored in a database.  They get one email from the system and that's it!



Easy PDF Updating For Your Affiliates

Typos and mistakes happen from time to time.  Not to worry - your affiliates automatically receive a unique security code and username so they can easily change and update the information in their PDF.

Saves everyone a lot of time and headaches!

Real-Time Statistics

You will INSTANTLY know how VIRAL your PDFs are based on the number of times they've been rebranded AND downloaded. 

No more guessing - just click "Statistics" and take a look!



Earn Passive Income (Optional)

Your Viral PDF Generator affiliate link can appear at the bottom of your rebrander pages.  You will earn 50% recurring commissions via ClickBank on all sales.
Just refer a few sales and your subscription is covered!


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